About Windows 7, 8, 10. Linux Operating System.

 Hello viewers. How are you? Today in this blog you are going to learn about various types of Operating systems.
So, before getting to various type let's get to know what is an operating system or OS

Well, an operating system is a system-level software, which acts as a bridge between a software/program with hardware. So, in simple words operating system is the software that helps to manage software, hardware, provide necessary service to its user. In this world, 4 operating system are the most famous:

1) Windows - (owned by Microsoft) for pc

2) Macintosh/OS X - (owned by apple)-Build for only apple products

3) Linux - (invented by Linus Torvalds) - An open-source software, available free on the internet.

4) Android - (owned by Google) - Built for mobiles.

And there are many more operating systems available in the market, but the above four dominated most market areas, and you can trust the above four blindly(*do your own research). So let's talk about windows which dominated most areas in the pc market.


Windows is an operating system invented and marketed by Microsoft. It is a group of several proprietary software. Let's talk about some of its histories, So, Windows was first launched by Microsoft on 20th Novembar 1985, as a graphical operating system and also with MS-DOS(Microsoft Disk Operating System). Later on, many versions were released like Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 10. After Windows 10, Microsoft decided to stop windows production so windows 10 is the latest version of windows. Now Windows dominates more than 50% of the PC market. So, going for windows is a good option It's the most user-friendly software and having the most community support. Do you want to know the full form of Windows its Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution. If you want to know tips and tricks about windows just make sure to comment below. Now let's talk about some version of windows:

a) windows 7

b) windows 8

c) windows 10

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Windows 7

So as I said earlier Windows 7 is a Microsoft proprietary product (you need to buy its product key). It was first launched on October 22, 2009, it is the successor of Windows Vista, It comes with all the previous features of windows. It was used to be the operating system for PC's later it was replaced by Windows 8 in the year 2012. Nowadays it still owns more than 6% of PC's market share. But community support is quite less compared to the latest version of the windows, probably most features you can't explore, and yes you can use but probably it is now available only on some computer you cannot find this product in the market, even windows 7 supported PC may not be available today.

let's talk about its features:

i) support for virtual hard disks

ii)improved performance Multi-core-processor

iii) Support for themes has been extended

iv) provides multiple firewall features

v) Bitlocker added in the system

vi) User control in accounts

Windows 8

It is the successor of the windows 7 and it was launched in the year 2008. The best part of it's that it was available for a free upgrade for retail copies of Windows 7 and it is part of the Windows NT family (processor-independent operating system). Windows 8 brought major huge upgrades for the user interface and operating system platform. It added support for USB 3.0 Advanced Support hard drives. It is also still used, you can find the windows 8 operating system. And it was developed for faster startup and a new lock screen with clock and notification.

Let's talk about its features:

i) Speedy Boot Time: Means restart and startup is quite faster than the previous versions.

ii) Metro Apps: Part of the Metro UI, Metro apps are full screen and easy to install

iii) Windows store: Windows 8 provides the windows store facility you can download free or licensed apps from there.

iv) For Tablet: Windows 8 is one of the tablet-friendly operating systems

v) Touch Interface: windows 8 allows you to use a variety of touch commands

vi) Search Bar: Search is not a new feature but windows 8 comes with huge improvements in the search bar

vii) Recovery Option: Windows 8 added a new feature to the control panel of the recovery that allows you to refresh as well as reset option you can clearly see from the following image

Now let's talk about 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the last version of the operating system made by windows. It was launched in the year 2015. And it also comes with the free upgrade of Windows 8 and 8.1. It is the successor of Windows 8.1, later on, it came with various itself version like windows 10 home, windows 10 pro, etc. Windows 10 got the most positive reviews on its original release. In the year 2007 windows 10 surpassed Windows 7 for the most popular operating system worldwide. It is being predicted that nearly 58% of PCs use this windows 10. It also comes with huge community support. Every problem related to it, solution available on the internet. (If you have any problem related to it make sure to mention it in the comment). It also came with another default PC browser name Microsoft Edge.

So let's talk about its features:

i)Own personal Digital assistant: If you are aware of Google's voice assistant, Siri, Windows 10 comes with a default personal assistant named Cortana. It is quite similar to other assistants (If you want to make your own digital assistant mention in the comment we will guide you to make your own personal assistant)

ii)Microsoft Edge: Windows 10 launched its brand new web browser with default search Engine Bing

ii)Multiple Windows/ Task View: Windows 10 provide the user with multiple windows features and 

iii)Xbox app: This feature is extremely helpful for gamers. They can enjoy games with a great experience.


My all-time favorite operating system is Linux, Linux is invented by Linus Torvalds (Finnish-American software Engineer) in the year 1991. It is open-source, free software you can download directly from the internet without spending a single penny. Nowadays it attracted more than 20% of PC users. Most Linux users are either programmers, hackersπŸ˜‡πŸ˜†. You can also use it. It is user-friendly software, it also gives full control to its user. Linux is mostly known because of its flexibility. You can operate the whole computer using the Linux terminal. Linux is also mostly used in servers. Let's talk about its backend. It is made of C, Assembly Language

And most interesting is that your favorite operating system android is also made with Linux kernel.

Windows v/s Linux

Now let's know the key difference between Windows and Linux
1) The main difference is that Linux is an open-source operating system, one with programming knowledge and experience can change its source code as per requirement. whereas windows is a commercial software you cannot change its source as per your requirement.

2) Linux runs faster even on old hardware whereas windows performance is quite low as compared to Linux

3) Linux is one of the most secure ones with some software knowledge, can fix all the bugs so, it is difficult for hackers for attacking. But in windows, it is quite difficult to fix problems so it becomes a target for hackers, and no need to worry just take a little precaution, then windows will be the most secure operating system for you.

4) Linux allows users to keep the same name in a folder but windows prevent this feature. 

5) Linux is freed from price, you can buy its original and the latest version is for free, whereas in windows you need to pay price for purchasing the original version of windows, although there are many crack version/pirated version available in the market you can get it for free (but it is not recommended, you can face problems)

6) Windows is easy to use and most user-friendly whereas Linux is quite hard to use mostly system-level developers/programmers use it.

7) Linux uses a monolithic kernel which takes more running space whereas windows use the microkernel which takes less space and also reduces the system efficiency than Linux. 

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