Themidom (2021-present)

Hello world, you know us by the name of themidom. 

Who/what is themidom?

Well, themidom is a blogging website. And it was started by one guy named Anonymous for the purpose of exploring the world, and this process is quite hard and slow, so he preferred blogging, with the help of the internet and knowledge also with a little experience he started this blogging site. The main purpose of this blog is to provide knowledge, entertainment to its most users for free.

Early Life?

Themidom was started by the end of April 2021. A student with the purpose of exploring the world, he started this blog, and with the help of he started his dream project, and then with little investment he purchased the domain name and premium theme for the website and started writing the blog, he thought this is not enough for growth, as there is a popular saying "two heads are better than one", So he started to explain his idea to his friend many of them canceled his offer because of his website's less traffic and one friend named ***Anonymous*** liked his idea and accepted the offer, and till now they both write blogs and also both work on programming also. 

Growth in Blog

During the early days of this blog, only there were only a few visitors. And they both used all the SEO techniques for increasing the views in the blog, still only 10 to 20 views per blog. But they didn't lose their courage, and they continuously posted the original content related to gaming, programming, and many more. As there is a saying "the two most powerful warriors are time and patience" and then with the passage of time Google started to rank their website, people started to love their content.

About content writers

Now, in this blog, there are two content writers

1) A. Themidom: Founder and creative designer of this blog, student, web developer, content writer.

2) ***Anonymous***: consultant, content writer, gamer, programmer, web developer, student.

So, if you have managed to read up to here, many many thanks to you for being an active user of our blog, and also thanks for showing interest in us. Thus fellas just enjoy our post and remember in every 2 or 3 months we give a free premium theme for  to our active users, just stick with our blog, and get a chance to win a premium theme. Thank you

                                                                            --Team Themidom😇😇

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