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Hello Viewers👋, It's Your ThemidomSome of you think that Making a Website for the first time is difficult. 

That is why I am writing this free guide step by step towards making a free website and a responsive website.

In this blog, I am going to make you know that how to create a website? So Guys let's get started with today's blog titled Free Web Hosting, Free Website Templates, How to Create a Website for Free.

There are many platforms available on the Internet which make promises to build your responsive website but not every platform is suitable for you as those platforms have less traffic 🚥 and paid domain authorities. Now I am going to tell you how to make your website for free/ free website. The creation of a website using my suggested platforms
helps you to make your website easier.

How to Create a Website 2021?

Step1:- Choose the appropriate platform to create a website for free.

Step2:- Select a Domain name & Web Hosting.

Step3:- Getting started with your selected Platform.

Step4:- Choose a theme for designing your website.

Step5:- Prepare your content.

Step6:- Do SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

Step7:- Test your Website.

(Note:- Also I will tell you that how to promote your website and how to monetize your website.)

There is one more question 🙋 how to earn money online? how to make money online? how to make money from home? how to earn money from home?

Yes, You are on the right platform. From a free website, you can earn money although staying at home. For earning, nothing to do but you have to give time to your website in making articles or content. 

how to promote your website?

For the free promotion of your website just go to the Google Search Console site and create an account on that, after that fill in all the details relating to your website and create a sitemap on Google Search Console, after google will recommend your website to viewers.

There are one more ways to Promote your Website / Making Backlinks. For promoting or making backlinks just go to any site like or any other and make there an account as your original website has, after that if any users click on your account in a medium. com than that user will automatically redirect to your official website.

Coming to Detailed Explanation of Steps.

Step1:- Choose the appropriate platform to create a website for free ---

There are many platforms for making a free website named ( Blogger, WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Joomla, Drupal, etc ) but within those Blogger and WordPress site has covered 85% market, So I suggest go with Blogger or WordPress, but for me, Blogger is more suitable and easy to use.

Creation of Website ( Blogger and WordPress )

Step2:- Select a Domain name & Web Hosting ---

Blogger and WordPress have their official free Sub Domain ( ( and blogger also provides free web hosting, so no need to spend money on domain and web hosting. After that, if you want to purchase a high-level Domain for ranking then you can purchase a domain from In Hostinger you will find ( .tech, .online, .xyz etc ) by Rs 75/year  and ( .in ) by Rs 600/year. 

Step3:- Getting started with your selected Platform ---

Once you selected a platform, after that you have to make your website just by providing your Email ID 📧, Blog Name & Blog description.

Step4:- Choose a theme for designing your website --- Theme is necessary for presenting your site on your search engine, so that you have to choose a theme. 

Step5:- Prepare your content --- 

After the creation and customization of your website, prepare your content/article & publish it. Qualitative & Knowledgeable content can make your website ranked.

Step6:- Do SEO ( Search Engine optimization ) ---

SEO is necessary for making your blog ranked, that's why SEO playes an important role in your search engine. 

Website SEO includes - Title and Description of the Website.

On-Page SEO includes - Keyword placement on your content or article.

Step7:- Test your Website --- It means look into your website that it's proper or not.

How to Monetized Your Website? 

For the Monetization of your Website, you have to write 📝 a minimum of 20 articles and your site has to grab traffic on daily basis. (Note:- Copy Paste does not allow in blogger.)

You can Earn Money Online from the website after monetization. once your website is approved by Google AdSense, then you will see ads on your website, and those ads will be the source of your earnings from the website.

                                                                             By-- Team Themidom


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