Remove Footer Credit in Blogger 2021 |HTML Code

 how to remove Footer Credit in blogger ? or How to remove Footer Credit from wordpress templates?  

If you don't know 
then I am going to tell you how to remove footer credit from wordpress footer theme? or How to remove footer credit in blogger
Friends if you don't want to invest money for buying a Theme or Templates then no need to worry just paste a free theme and customize it , you can easily  download a free theme from Google by searching " Free Blogger Templates " but in free theme you'll find footer credit or footer copyright, you have to remove footer credit from blogger or wordpress . 

So you can see on the above Image that in free templates I've removed the footer credit in blogger.  If you Remove footer credit from blogger or wordpress than your free theme will look like a Premium theme.

Important Info -- If post is only for educational purpose, I am not telling you to remove any of theme's Credit tag or Footer Tag.

Most of the time many of you remove just footer tag from blogger or remove footer tag in wordpress than the site is redirected to any other site because you removed only footer copyright not Admin copyright. If you are one of them them no need to worry, Today in this post I'll show you how to remove footer credit & copyright as well as admin copyright also, lets get Started --

 Process of Removing Footer Copyright Section & Edit those Section

Step 1-- For removing footer copyright go to theme Section in your Blogger or any other site.

Step 2-- Click on Edit HTML.

Step 3-- After opening HTML page Click on Search or in Desktop press Ctrl+F and search the word which is written on your website in footer wedges For Ex-- Designed by, copyright etc.

  <p style='text-align:left;'>Copyright (c) 2021 <a href=''>Themidom</a> All Right Reseved</p>  
 <div class='ty-copy-container row' style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>  

Step 4 -- Copy this HTML code after Designed by /Copyright/ Crafted by and than click on Save button

thats all about the process. After doing this check your website, Footer Credit will be changed. If we are able to help you out than please Let us know.
                                                                                THEMIDOM - THANKING YOU


If you have have any doubt please let me know

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