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Hey, Do you Watch Youtube Videos? If yes then sometimes you like a video very much and you want to download that video but you are not able to do. Not a Problem here I am going to show you how to download a youtube video? / how to download youtube videos on android? / how to download videos from youtube? 

So let's get started with today's blog titled ( Download YouTube Videos, Online Video Downloader, Download Video, Best YouTube Video Downloader ).

Hello Viewers, Many times we use youtube for listening to music 🎶, after that we want to save that youtube mp3 or youtube mp4 music but youtube does give us an option to download youtube video or youtube audio. so that I am going to tell you about software using that you can download youtube videos or save from youtube / save youtube video. You can call the software youtube video downloader or youtube download app.
There are many software, by which you can download youtube videos or youtube mp3 or youtube mp4, but I suggest a software named (VidMate), I suggested that as VidMate is the most popular downloader & VidMate is more suitable in use or easy to use.

Steps of Downloading VidMate

So Basically you have to download VidMate , for downloading it, search in the google (VidMate) or Search (Up To Down) after that go to the first link and there you will find VidMate & than download. 

After downloading, Open VidMate ---

You will see this type of home screen in VidMate.  Now the main question -

how to download a youtube video? how to download youtube videos on iphone? how to download a video from youtube? how to download youtube videos on android? how to download youtube videos on pc? how to download video from youtube? how to download youtube videos to computer?

so for downloading videos from youtube Click on share button in the youtube video and click on Download Video ( Note :- Along with download video there will be Vidmate official symbol) 
Shown in the following Picture.

After clicking on  (Download video), your video will start downloading. And than your downloaded video will save in your Galary or in Phone File. 
Thats not all, VidMate has many more features like Whatsapp Status Saver, Facebook Login, Instagram Login etc. those site are shown in the following Image-

VidMate has Whatsapp Status Saver Features through which you can download whatsapp status of others . The Image are shown in the below :--

                                                                                           By :-- Team THEMIDOM


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