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What is Logo?

In the simplest terms, logos are images, texts, or shapes that represent a company's name and purpose. As well as being a symbol of identification, logos can and should be much more. A well-designed logo can tell a company's storey by conveying your brand's message, which can be extremely valuable. It should be done in a way that encourages an emotional connection with your audience.

What is a Logo Maker?

It can be simple or advanced web-based applications, called logo makers, generators, and creators of logos, allow you to create a logo in minutes. Depending on the type of business, you may be asked to enter the name of your company, select an icon or font from a stock library, and select custom colours to match your brand. In other cases, you're presented with an empty canvas and an assortment of tools to create your own logo from scratch.

 An online logo maker is a convenient way to create a logo for your company. Aside from that, it's the cheapest. If you want to get the best possible design, don't just focus on speed and cost. While bootstrapping and just getting started, you may not have much money to spend. A logo maker or generator online can help you out here, so don't be shy. This list of the top logo makers of 2021 is meant to help you get the best design possible. But not all logo makers are created equal.

However, you can get a logo, in the following ways:

  • You can opt for an online logo maker.
  • Work with a professional logo designer.
  • Work as a freelancer.

You may not be able to spend much if you're bootstrapping your company and just getting started. A logo maker or generator online can help you with that. Not all logo makers are created equal, so we've compiled this list of the top logo makers of 2021 to help you get the best design possible.

 The cost of working with a professional designer is usually out of reach for small businesses. For a reasonable price (starting at $299), we believe that holding a logo design contest is the best way for entrepreneurs to get an original, high-quality design. Freelancers are also a good choice if you have a very clear idea of the style you want and a lot of experience working with designers and vetting them.

The bottom line is that logo generators are a quick and easy way to get a basic logo. Although the quality of your logo won't be the same as a logo designed by a professional designer, sometimes budget or turnaround time is the most important factor! 

Benefits & Loss of logo maker:


  • You can get a logo whenever you need it because logo makers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • To get a logo, the cheapest option is to use a logo maker. However, many of them require you to pay to download the files if you want to use them. The cost is usually between $5 and $60.
  • There are a lot of logo makers out there, and It takes less than 30 minutes to create a logo that is unique (or less, depending on your level of perfectionism).
  • Each year, the technology behind logo creation improves, making it easier and easier to use.
  • Even your competitors use the same logo makers like you. A brand with the exact same icon, font, and/or colour combination could be used by hundreds of companies.
  • You may receive a logo image, but you may not receive vector files for a fully functional logo design. These logos are, at best, a short-term fix for a problem.
  • Design sensibilities are necessary for logo creators, as they are generally simple images that require a trained eye to see what's "off" about something that appears uncomplicated.

So, with that being said, let's know about the top 10 logo makers:
Here's the explanation:

1) Canva:

When it comes to Canva, it is much more than just a logo maker, as evidenced by the sheer number of unnecessary elements in their toolbars. These images can serve a purpose in terms of branding, but they are not explained to users who may not know better than to leave photography out of their final logo. Sign up (yes, it's a requirement) and you can either browse for template logos based on your industry or use their canvas interface to drag and drop elements—including icons, gradients, shapes, lines, and background details.
However, the graphics tend to be cartoonish and hipster, making them unsuitable for every business. Even the categories are dominated by items like Band, Restaurants, Cafe, Fashion, and Beauty, with a few professional industries thrown in for good measure. So if that describes your business, this is a great choice!

It should be noted that vector files aren't supported, but a PDF is provided for printing purposes.

  • Easy To Use
  • Free Download - PNG File
  • Limitations in terms of customization
  • Price - Free (premium costs extra)
  • Some icons and templates are priced differently based on your subscription level, so be sure to check that out before you buy.
  • The end result is satisfactory.

2) Free Logo Design:

Your logo can be created by AI or you can design it yourself once you've entered your company name. I've tried both.
This option lets you choose a logo template you like and then customise it by changing the font and colour, or by adding icons or shapes to the design. The AI process was a lot more promising than the final results, which were disappointing. Since this is advertised as being run by a computer, I expected the app would use my preferences to generate something on its own. I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot of mucking around with colours and graphics that I chose, which I could have done myself. Therefor, the logos were among my least favourite.

Better results were obtained by using a DIY option. They were so much better that it was impossible to tell they came from the same site. When asked about your industry, the AI generates a list of keywords that you can choose up to five from (much like a mind map). Selecting icons, colour schemes and typefaces from a list is next.

  • PNG, PDF, JPG and SVG files in high resolution are available for $59 each.
  • You can download a low-resolution PNG file for free.
  • It is very to use
  • Customizability: The AI option has a basic level of customizability. There are only five font styles to choose from, and there are only a handful of colours to choose from. When it comes to the DIY option, medium is a good choice.

3) BrandMark:

Although it was a simple method to follow, the results were far superior to what I had hoped for. To me, it felt less like I was making design choices and a machine was just generating random logos because the product only uses keywords you've entered (see Free Logo Design).

Even though there were a few odd icon-font combinations, it was hard to tell that the designs were generated by an algorithm. Because you cannot customise the logo without purchasing it, what you see is pretty much how it will be. Type in a few keywords that describe your brand, choose from four basic colour moods, and then browse the carousel of auto-generated logos to find the one that best fits your needs.

  • Print and web files, customising tools, and a branding package are included in the price of $65 (business card, letterhead, social media designs)
  • A PNG is available for $25.
  • Easy to use
  • Lack of customizability. when purchased, you will get full customizability.

4) Graphicsprings:

Despite the fact that graphicsprings is one of the few logo makers that offers multicoloured icons to accompany your logo, I found the designs to be some of the most generic and clip-arty I've seen. To its credit, canvas allows users to create their own graphics with greater precision than most other programmes (such as stroke, shadow, glow effects, and the ability to colour separate parts of the image). There is a hybrid element to Graphicsprings: you begin with a blank canvas, but you are guided through each step of entering your name and choosing design elements, just as you would with an automated logo generator.

  • It costs $19.99 to download one JPEG image
  • For PNG and PDF, it costs $39.99
  • For SVG, it costs $99.99
  • Medium Amount of customizability.
  • Easy to use
  • It is really costly.

5) Looka:

In order to create a logo for you, Looka uses artificial intelligence to help it understand your business. You're asked to choose five of the 20+ logo examples displayed. A colour palette and any special symbols (such as a triangle) can be added at this point. After the app has done its magic, it will present you with a few logo ideas that you can further customise with different fonts, colours and layouts. What I received from Looka were results that were both modern and professional in appearance. As the app's primary driver, I expected results that were a little smarter, a little more tailored to me—despite the fact that it was a logo generator. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Looka's concept, on the other hand, is interesting, and the quality was generally better than other logo creators I tested.

  • 65 dollars for a complete set of design files
  • It costs $20 for a low-res PNG.
  • It costs less compared to other premium logo makers
  • It is very easy to use.

6) TailorBrands:

It usually works like other logo makers. First, enter your company name, industry, and business description in an open-ended text box, and choose whether you want an icon-based, text-based, or initial-based logo as a result of your actions on the website. As a next step, the app asks you to select your favourite fonts from a series of sample fonts. Ta-dah! Several logos will be generated for you automatically. Then you can edit the font and colours, change the icon, or make a purchase immediately after selecting one. There are some really good icons hidden among the mostly basic selections, and the carefully chosen fonts and colours complement them nicely. Each time you change the colour or font of the logo, you get a helpful explanation, e.g. "Your logo strikes the perfect balance between class and elegance". Infuse excitement and vibrancy into the brand by adding the perfect blue hues.'

  • 3.49 dollars per month for JPG and PNG files
  • $9.99 per month for EPS vector files
  • You need to have a little knowledge of customizability. 
  • And you need to be little bit experienced for using this.

7) Designhill:

In the beginning, I was apprehensive about the graphics provided by the platform because they were simple icons. But Designhill does a pretty good job of combining them with creative typography and appealing colour schemes to create a visually appealing result. End result: a surprising number of logos were able to make the simple icons work for them, even though they were the same icons used by other logo designers. Starting with five logos that you like, choosing colours, and selecting your industry, you're ready to get started. Select up to five icons that will go with the logo and click "Apply". Before you can see the results, you'll need to create a user profile. Select a favourite logo and place your order.

  • $60 for a complete set of professional logo files, including vector EPS and SVG, black and white versions, as well as information on colours and fonts.
  • $20 for a low-resolution PNG image.
  • You can not customize without purchasing its subscription.
  • It is very to use.
  • Comparatively costly, but gives good results.
  • For $150, you can hire a designer to help you make your website even more unique.

8) Hatchful:

Shopify's hatchful is a mobile-optimized logo maker that's available on Shopify (though it still works great on desktop). Hatful is more interested in your brand than your company name, while other logo makers start with it (with questions about your industry space, values and visual style). Enter your name and choose a logo, then click "Continue". This is a good option, but hatchful does not provide vector files. Consequently, the file format of logos cannot be scaled or printed, which is a serious drawback given the abundance of other options listed above. It was too small for a business to use in the long run: the png file I received measured 12001200 pixels.

Simple to use, this tool creates modern logo designs with a minimalist touch. Icons can be interpreted differently because there were no specific questions pertaining to a specific business' nature. As an added bonus, the logo is free to download and use once you've customised the fonts and colours to your liking. But if you only need a small logo for your website header, hatchful can be a free interim solution until you can afford a vector logo.

  • It's free! (PNG files only)
  • Almost Free
  • It is very easy to use
  • End result is satisfactory
  • You need to have only a little experience to make logos.

9) Logaster:

It is a corporate logo specialist, Logaster seemed like a good fit for me. Due to the lack of interest in the company, the logos are largely generic. A clean and minimalist generic is preferred over a worn-out and overused one, however. To prepare it for use on branding materials like business cards, they also provide the logo in various layouts, making the flashy mockups displayed alongside the logo samples more than just purchase bait. Start by entering your company name and industry. The hardest part of the process is choosing colours (you have to uncheck every single colour you don't want), but other than that, it's as simple as that.

  • $24.99 for a simple raster file
  • a more robust branding kit for $64.99.
  • It is very easy to use
  • And for customizability, you need a little knowledge
  • Full range of files and layout variations for $49.99
  • End result is good.

10) Ucraft:

Your custom logo can be created by dragging and dropping icons, text, and shapes on a blank canvas in Ucraft. Specific icons can be found using the search function and there are many simple options to select from. In the event that you get lost, a helpful chatbot is on hand to help you out. Because ucraft's concept is based on an open canvas, it gives users as many options as possible, which helps them achieve quality results. As a result, the quality of the logo is entirely dependent on your own abilities. More than 1 million icons are available, as well as a full colour spectrum tool and integration with Google Fonts to give you a wide selection of typefaces, according to the app's description page. If you've got the time and a keen eye for design, you'll be able to come up with something amazing.

  • No charge for PNGs with low resolution.
  • A SVG vector file costs $7.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Price is almost free. So, if you are a beginner you can try now.
  • And, the end result is great.
  • You need a little experience to customize the logos.

Hopefully, you should have a better idea of what to expect from an online logo maker in terms of quality, cost, and process. As a starting point, this list may be ideal for bootstrappers on a tight budget. Feel free to experiment with your favourites from the list!

If you are still confused with that, here I am going to give some tips. Prior to contacting a logo maker, it's best to have a few ideas in mind so that you can maximise your efficiency.

Here, are some tips:
  • Think about your mission and vision: Let's start with a quick review of your company's mission, vision and identity: who are you, who do you serve, and what do you represent? So, it's a good way to figure out who you are as a company: exclusive or friendly?
  • Name Your Brand: Name your company, if you haven't already, before you start designing your logo. In addition to influencing your logo selection, the name is likely to be incorporated into the logo design itself. Here's one example of naming your brand, suppose your company creates web design, or themes then you can name your company iTheme, which is quite resembles to iPhones, and it can attract your customers.
  • Identify the key elements of your brand's visual identity: Think about how this personality would translate into visual elements such as colour, shape, and logo type once you have some thoughts on paper.

And, that's it, for furthur information just comment below.

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