Top 5 Countries Where most Cyber Attacks Originate

Top Countries where Cyber Attacks originate Tips for Protecting Your PC or Mobile from Hackers.

Hello knowledge gainer, it's your Themidom back with another informative blog. In this post, you are going to know how to protect your PC and Mobile 📱 also you are going to know about the top 5 Countries where most of the Cyber Attacks Originate. So that much introduction about the blog is enough and now without wasting any time put your glasses on your eyes 👁‍🗨 and let's get started with today's informative blog titled Top 5 Countries Where most Cyber Attacks Originated.

We all know what is Cyber Attacks but we don't know from where these Cyber Attacks came from. so basically Cyber Attacks in done by Hackers who want to destroy the opponent's security.

Top 5 Countries Where most Cyber Attacks Originated.

1: China:- 

Most of the Cyber Attacks came from china. 41% of Cyber Attacks are done by China and half of the 41% are done along with the appreciation of the Chinese Govt. China mostly targets the United States and the friend countries of the US. China has a different Cyberteam where all the persons are experts in the hacking field. Another point is china can't allow any outsider to access the Chinese internet/network but China can access or use other country's network. 

2: United States:- 

The United States covers 10% of the world's Cyber Attacks. You can imagine the power of a US hacker by the name of Anonymous. Anonymous group started from the US and we all know how Anonymous works.

3: Turkey:- 

The third country is Turkey with 4.5% in Cyber Attacks. Once the most dangerous group Anonymous's website was hacked by Turkey's hacker.

4: Russia:- 

Russia has the most dangerous and skilled hacking group we all have seen ever as there is no site or security system which Russian hacker can't breach. The percentage of Cyber Attacks done by Russia is 4.3. The percentage is low because they did not leave any evidence that they did any breach or hack. According to the report of CNN in 2015, the most powerful security system that is Whitehouse was breached completely by Russian Hacker, Now you have got the point why Russian Hacker is more powerful and skilled than others.

5: Taiwan:- 

3% of Cyber Crimes originate from Taiwan. Taiwan has the capacity to damage any cybersecurity but they don't do.

How to Protect your PC or Mobile from Hackers?

1: Do not click or open any suspicious link

2: Enable Two-Factor-Authentication in all the available software.

3: Install any high encrypted antivirus on your device.

4: Do not save your password on any platform.

5: Make a strong password including numbers & characters. 

6: Don't repeat your password again and again.

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