How to do SEO, Backlinks. How to find long tail keywords

 Well hello, bloggers, developers, content writers. Are you worried about how to do SEO or Search Engine Optimization? How to provide backlinks for your website. And how to find Keywords / Long tail keywords. And you are also going to know how to do the above staff really easily.

Many developers, bloggers, content writers quit because the views/traffics are not coming or say only a few people visiting the website, and yeah that's the biggest problem for the beginners it keeps them demotivated, and as the result, they think bollocks! and they aren't afraid of quitting.

So, Fellas remember one thing that "Rome was not built in a day", every great work takes time and much effort. Now let's know some basic information about SEO

About SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

So, mates SEO is about improving the quality and quantity of content to a website, pro developers, or bloggers customize their website such that their content appears on the first page of their respective searches, quite an interesting topic and most important topic for the bloggers. SEO is all about building a website and making changes to your website or blog that benefits its most users. And having good SEO on your website will attract a lot of traffic and people will really enjoy your content, as a result, your search engine like google, bing, etc will recommend your website to others or it will start pushing ranks. And you can earn a lot of money by using Google AdSense. In simple term, you can understand Search Engine Optimization considers how a search engine works, what people search for, the actual keywords(search terms on a Search Engine) typed into Search Engine, and which search engine preferred by most of the blog's audience (nowadays more than 90% people on earth use google so be careful, a lot of competition is there if you can only grab 5% audience believe me you are going to be rich). So you see that the audience can also be converted into your customer. Thus fellas hopefully you got some rough idea about Search Engine Optimization. 

So, now let's jump to our next topic, How to do Search Engine Optimization?

First, you need to get proper keywords as well as Long Tail keywords:

I am going to suggest to you some keyword finder, Some are going to be free and some are going to be paid one. But in the free version, you will get only limited things, for the ultimate result, you have to purchase a subscription.

So, fellas very first free tool is 

Google keyword planner:

just type google keyword planner in your search Engine you will find google keyword planner, now click the second search, you will go to google's website then just click on "Google Keyword Planner" and you will be asked some account sign in just sign in and get going. And then click on the switch to expert mode, then click on down corner of start keyword planner without campaign and wait for a couple of second for a screen then click on tools option and then click on keyword planner,
you will find discover new keywords option and click on it after that search about your topic, example web development and then you are good to go, mate. And it is a free tool.
From google keyword planner you will get suitable keywords, monthly searches, competition, and low to high bids on ads.

Keyword shitter
If you are a beginner you are ready to go just go to, and then you will get an interface like this or a modified one,

just type your search term in the text area and then click on submit and it will start writing the keywords in the textarea. from here you can pick a popular keyword and you can use google keyword planner for verification and you are ready to go, mate.

Keyword Planner

So, fellas, this is another free tool for SEO and searching keywords just visit, and then it will ask to install chrome extension and then install it and after installing and you are ready to go. Whenever you make and search in the chrome browser it will reveal some data like the number of visits per month and average searches. But one problem is that sometimes it does not reveal proper data, you can trust up to 60 to 70% and ready to go, mate.

Google Search Console
This is the place where a blogger or a website developer can paste the blog's URL and can increase the possibility of searches. By uploading the URL in the Google search console google will place your article in the searches and it is free. And after uploading the URL it takes about 10-12 hours or less or more for indexing in google.

As per my experience, these four are the best free platform and is quite easy and beginner-friendly. But I recommend you to do your own research before going further, Although you can trust the above three.

So, let's talk about paid versions:


This is the best, most trusted paid SEO website, It provides data 100% accurate, but beginners find it hard to buy. If you are experienced have already some capital then you can go for it and remember it provides data 100% true, you can trust it. 

This is also the paid one and also good for SEO you can surely go with it, pal. So, make sure to do market research for semrush and it is quite easy to use

The above two websites are best as per my experience you can try also you can do your own research.

So mates from the above topics you can see that how to find keywords now let's talk about two types of SEO's 
1) On-Page SEO
2) Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO
It is the SEO done in the coding portion, like optimizing title, description, and keywords. And make sure that the title and description of every page in your website template must be unique otherwise google Bots cannot distinguish between pages so be aware of it. On-Page Seo is easy to do, just make sure every page must be unique. And make sure that your website must be converted from HTTP to HTTPS and make sure to have also creative content unique URL, and URL must be similar to the title, it helps google to optimize and index searches. And fellas also try to make your website faster to load it will increase the chances for getting ranked.

Off-Page SEO
Now it is the hard one for that you need to make more and more backlinks (these are links from one website to a page on another website), so you need to make your website's URL to another popular website like youtube, quora, medium. It will increase the chances of getting ranked. Google and other search engine consider backlinks as "votes" the more votes you have more you have a chance to win. So fellas, get ready to make backlinks. And also you can promote your website on social media, it is also a big source of traffic. So get ready for it fellas.

So, mates no need to worry now, no need to be a bollock, and mates you can also start freelancing using SEO skills, you can get many clients in Fiverr, Upwork, you are good to go.

Thus for further information make sure to comment below, Thank you, and have a wonderful day mates.
See you in the next post fellas.

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