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 Your Questions: How to Become a Good Programmer in 3 months? / How to be a Job Ready Programmer in 3 Months? / Fastest Way to Become a Software Developer

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Hello  Programmer! I am Themidom back with another Knowledgeable blog post. In this blog post you are going to know about the skill (Programming) or How to be a jo ready programmer in 3 months? So without wasting any time ⌚ Lets get started today's Informative and Knowledgeable Blog.


Basically This is an informative blog and here I will tell you that How to enter in Software Industry and are you capable or not? It is not an Promotion blog It will be a ground truth blog. I have seen that many of you want to go with Software line but can not find the right way to enter for them I am writing this blog to help you out from this problem. 

The answer is 'yes' You can be a Software developer may be you are from Arts/Commerce/Science background, doesn't matter your qualification field It matters your Programming Skill. 

[My Opinion with Experience and Survey]

Many of you told that there is no Job Opportunity but that's not reality. The reality is there are lots job Job Vacancies in Computer field but the companies are not be able to fine the right person for that particular job. Another Sad reality is Many Schools, Colleges and universities teaches us what we don't have any need in corporate market and what corporate market finds within us they find it's missing so that I recomand you do not go with only bookish knowledge but also go with your developed Skill and Interest. If you developed your Skill then you will find available jobs definitely because demand is as much high beyond your thinking.

One more question arises here that Can you Enter in Software Industry without any Degree? The answer is 'Yes'. In Programming Degree doesn't matter that much here Skill matters. If you have sufficient skill then you can do better with the Compete of others.

If you want to do Jobs in Software Industries then the post for which you can be hired that is:-

1: Front End Developer.

2: Back End Developer.

3: Full Stack Developer.

4: Dev Ops Engineer.

5: Data Scientist.

6: Software Engineer. (Particular Language)

7: Test Engineer.

8: Cyber Security Engineer.

Front End Developer: HTML, CSS, Javascript Templates making, Designing, Photoshop, Logo Maker etc.

Back End Developer: Database, Networking, PHP.

Basic and Important learning Paths you can do  within 3 months:

A) Python Basic and Data Science: Data Reading in Excel Sheet, System Processing, Making Input Data. (Remember that it is basic not high level)

B) Basic Web Developer: HTML basic, CSS basic, Javascript basic.

C) Data Administrator and System Administrator: System Controller, Linux, Data Base, RDPMS.

You can do any one course within those 3 mentioned courses. It may be free course from any platform or it may be certified course. If You have done any one of these, from that point of time you are employable, You can apply for those post which is shown on the top of this page as you have the knowledge of programming.

Once you have Entered in Software Industries with the basic knowledge after that you have to transform yourself from Basic to Expert level. If you will not improve your skill then you will be the guest for that company who will stay only for few months.

You can transform yourself from Basic Web Developer to Expert Back End Developer, Front End Developer and Full Stack Developer.

Python Basic and Data Science to Data Scientist and Software Engineer.

Data Administrator and System Administrator to Test Engineer and Cyber Security Engineer.


So Developers Hope you have Understand that what are the posts you can apply for and what are the programming skill needed to have you. I hope that these information will help you for entering in the Software Industry. 

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