Best Skills for Resume, Top Skills for 2020-2030

 Well, hello gorgeous people over the internet. This is your pal A.S. Themidom😇😇.  Today in this post you will know the top 5 skills for this decade (2020-2030). So, fellas, just stick with the blog.


Now, before getting started first make sure to know your strength. Because your strength can lend you to a six-figure job or a profit-earning business. Thus, fellas let's talk about the skills.

best skills for resume

1) communication skills - 

In the 21st century, communication plays a major role in growth and development. The more you can communicate with others properly, the more you get chances of appraisal. To have proper communication skills, one always doesn't need a paid course or learn from professionals. You just need to practice the steps daily (For detailed information comment below).

steps for learning communication skills:

a) Be a good listener.

b) Know your audience.

c) Maintain your body language.

d) Always speak to the point, and be brief.

e) If you are writing something, make sure to check before sending it to someone.

f) Always think before think.

g) Always have a positive attitude and put always put a smile on your face.

h) Always think about the consequences before talking to someone.

i) Treat everyone equally.

j) Always check your tone.

k) Last but not least, know your topic/subject.

So, fellas, I have some of the steps, do follow regularly to communicate better. 

Because communication skill is superior to any other skills.

2) leadership skill

There is a great saying, "Great leaders are not born, they are made". Every company or startup always needs a leader, who can lead his subordinate as well as their company to great success. 

What is a leadership skill?

Leadership skills are the skills of influencing people, so they try willingly towards achieving organizational goals or group objectives. You can understand the leadership from the following diagram.

Boss v/s Leader

How to learn Leadership skills?

Well, you can also learn leadership skills. You need to improve the following or you need to develop the following terms:

a) Quick and effective decision - A great always have a quality of quick and effective decision making. He can make a quick and effective decision from the given information. But for that, a person needs years of practice as well as experience. So, this quality can't be achieved in a day or month.

b) Patience

c) Relationship-Building - Leadership skills requires you to build a good relationship with your colleagues, team members. The more you can understand your team, the more you can get output.

d) problem-solvers - A leader is always a problem solver. A good leader always sees all the aspects of any task.

e) Ability to mentor others - A good leader must be capable of understanding his team. If his team member makes some mistakes, he must be capable of mentoring his team member.

f) Calculated -risk-taker - Winners are risk-takers. So, if you want to be a good leader, you need to learn how to take calculated risks?

g) communication skill - A good communication skill can make you a good leader.

h) creative - A good leader is a creative person.

So, fellas, you can have the above qualities to be a good leader.

3) management skills

It can be defined as skills that an executive must have to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

Management is the art of knowing, what you want your team to do, and seeing that they do it in the best and cheapest way.
Remember a good manager has both communication and leadership skills. One can learn management skills by improving the following:

a) Decision-Making - A manager needs to have a quality of the quick and effective decision. Because a good decision can earn a huge profit, and a bad one can earn you the worst loss. 

b) Analysing - A manager needs to analyze the company data and past records to make a better decision. But for that, one needs to have a ton of knowledge and a little bit of experience.

c) Communication - Remember, to be a good manager/leader, you need to communicate properly with your customers, investors, team members, creditors. The more you can convince others, the less risk you have. So, improve communication.

d) Build trust - There is a saying "The most expensive thing in the world is trust, cheap people can't afford it". Trust is very hard to build and very easy to break. So, always build quality trust with others. The easiest way to make trust is that keep fewer secrets and consult your team before making any decision.

e) Time management - Once a great author said "Time is what we want most but what we use worst", and Benjamin Franklin once told that "the lost time is never found again". So, to be a good manager you must be well disciplined.

These are some of the qualities, improvement of above qualities can make you a good or best manager. 

4) Marketing skills

Remember, steve jobs the founder of Apple didn't have any technical skills, but he was a master at Marketing. And as a result, you can see the situation of Apple, (market cap of more than $2 trillion).

Marketing skill is the skill of promoting any product, service, or idea. Well, before the internet, people used banners, tv ads, newspaper ads, etc. But in the era of the internet, marketing became quite easier as well cheap.
The best way to market your product or to get a huge market base is to utilize the power of the internet. You can advertise the product on blogs, youtube.

If you don't own a company, you can still earn money by affiliate marketing (advertising other's products), you just need a blog with good traffic or a youtube channel with a good number of subscribers. 

You can learn marketing with a little knowledge, and also you need:
a) communication skills.
b) patience
c) digital advertising skills
d) SEO(search engine optimization) skills (if you have any website).
e) attractive content as well as titles.

5) Technical skills

As we all know, computers dominated most markets. And having technical skills means a boon for you. With technical knowledge, you can start a company, or you can get a six-figure job.

 You can see, most billionaires are technology experts. And this job is in High-demand. If you have knowledge of programming /coding, then you can start your dream project. 
With technical skills, you can earn money, just by sitting at home.
Tech giants are investing, in technical skills. And as a result, they are earning billions of profits a year.
Well, you can earn technical knowledge from school, colleges, or just self-study(it is the best and effective method). There are plenty of online resources, where you can learn programming /coding.

But for engineering, you need to go to college. And for other skills like web design, graphic design, programming, you can learn from youtube.

So, fellas, there are plenty of high-demand skills in the market, but you need to decide to choose which one. And above 5 skills are also one of the most demanded. So, get any skill as per your requirement.
And congratulation on your future job or business.
That's it mate, looks like it's time to take leave from you. Thanks for your time. See ya in the next post.
                            --- Team themidom😇😇

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