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 Hello, computer geeks, it's your mate A.S. Themidom. In this post, you will know about various types of computers, so put your glasses in your eyes and let's get started. If you are a nerd just like me, then you are going to like the post. So, just stick with the post.

types of computers

Well, computers are divided into various types, depending upon the basis of internal structure, its subsequent features, and applicability.

1) Personal Computer (PC) - It is also known as Microcomputer. It is a low-capacity computer, it is basically developed for a single user. Its characteristics are that it is low-cost compared to other powerful computers, and helpful for personal works, office works, and small business use.
Todays a PC is an all-rounder device. It can be used as a productivity tool, a media server, and a gaming machine.
Examples are Windows PC, Apple Macintosh, a notebook computer(Laptop), etc.

2) Microcontroller - Microcontrollers are min-computers that store data and execute simple commands and tasks given out by its user. It is normally used for automating tasks. Such systems are also known as embedded systems.
The computer you see in your car is an example of an embedded system. You probably know about raspberry pi or Arduino, these are also examples of Microcontrollers.

3) Handheld computer - Today's technology has advanced much further. It developed a computer like that, it is pocket as well as palm friendly. It can be used for multi-purpose. Tablets and smartphones are the best examples of such computers. And it is low-cost compared to its superior computer types. You can do all the simple works on this computer, but it can't be used for heavy works.

4) Mainframe Computer - Mainframe computers are bigger and efficient than PCs but not as powerful as supercomputers. It is a high capacity and costly computer. Due to their nature, mainframe computers are often used by large businesses, large organizations for bulk data processing.

Mainframe computers can perform thousand or millions of tasks concurrently such as census, consumer and industry statics, enterprise resource planning, and transaction processing.

5) Workstation Computer - The computer is used for complex work. Workstations are expensive, high-end, large-storage capability computers are also used for science, math, and engineering calculations and are useful for computer design and manufacturing.

Graphic designers, professional video editors, Machine Learning Engineers, mostly use this type of computer.

6) server computer - A server is a computer that contains collections of data and programs. It is a step below supercomputers as it doesn't use its raw powers to solve one complex problem, rather it tries to solve many similar smaller ones. It is also known as a network server. Servers are expensive, high-end, multi-tasking computers. It allows all connected users to share and store web applications and electronic documents or electronic data. 

There are five important types of servers:
a) File servers
b) Application servers
c) proxy servers
d) web servers
e) Gaming servers
(∴If you want a detailed explanation then just comment below.)

7) Super Computer - This kind of computer is the fastest and also very expensive. It is normally owned by tech-giant like Google, IBM, etc. and most supercomputers are owned by powerful countries. One survey found that among the world's top 500 most powerful supercomputers, China owns 226, and the USA owns 113 supercomputers.

A simple supercomputer can solve up to ten trillion individual calculations per second. It uses its whole raw power to solve one complex problem. Supercomputers use parallel processing (It is a method in computing of running two or more CPUs to handle separate parts of an overall task or you can say parallel processing is the process of using lots of CPUs at the same time on one problem)
Currently, the world most powerful supercomputer is owned by Japan, the name of the supercomputer is Fugaku(named after mount Fuji)

And now a new concept of computing is invented named Quantum Computing.
And quantum computers are 10,000 times faster than supercomputers. And Google has achieved quantum supremacy in the year 2019, by inventing the sycamore quantum processor of 53 quabits. 
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So, mates, I tried to mention almost every type of computer. If I got anything left then just comment below. And thanks for reading the post, see ya in the next post mate. Have a good day!
                        --A.S. Themidom😇😇

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