How to Install, Update & Features GB WhatsApp 2021

          Process of Installation GB WhatsApp. Best way to Update           GB WhatsApp & Main and Advance Features of GB WhatsApp           

WhatsApp is the most popular app for every mobile client, because it is usually available on everyone's phone, so it may be the most popular apps in the world, but if you are thinking about GB WhatsApp What and how to download and update. 

GB WhatsApp is an external application that actually works like WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp is an external application that works and looks as good as WhatsApp, but this time you get a lot of highlights that GB WhatsApp needs to mention via standard WhatsApp. They greatly improved it. This is why we are so popular even though we are not in the Google Play store. As it can do everything like WhatsApp and similarly move forward with highlighting that includes the needs of more people, so this app has the option to make its reputation. With GB WhatsApp, you can also use another WhatsApp. 

How Can You Download GB WhatsApp? 

Most people have no idea how to download and present an APK document. If you too need to be able to communicate, don't worry. I'll show you simple steps to download and install. 

# you can download the GB WhatsApp APK by searching on google When you install the  APK, you can use and enjoy all the features and the right level. We need to talk about ways! 

It is necessary to install GB Whatsapp 

Storage capacity: Storage space is essential for this MOD APK. 

Enable Unknown Sources: Enable invisible sources after opening the settings tab

Download: Click download and download the APK record. 

Present: After downloading, open the envelope where you saved the APK. Tap this APK record to present it. 

Lunch: You can have lunch request. 

Login: Sign in to your WhatsApp account to use the awesome key features. 

You can do it quickly, but in case you have a problem with this process, you can comment on more information. 

The main features and unique features of GB WhatsApp are here--

1. In this case, you can copy and paste the status of whatsapp with others, which is not the case with standard WhatsApp. 

3. It suggests multiple languages, that is, you can select your first language.

4. In this case, you also receive a Multiple Language Translate office. 

5. In this case, you can select the Theme as you like.

6. Hide last WhatsApp view. 

7. You too can freeze the last WhatsApp view.

8. It can show you online 24 hours on the web. 

9. The launcher notification and icon can be changed. 

10.It can block any incoming call on WhatsApp. 

11. After reading someone else's message, you can hide the second sign. 

12. You can also create a Tick Style as you wish. 

13. Whatsapp Status will Increased 250 words.

14. Instead of standard WhatsApp, you can select and send more than 10 photos at a time.

15. With GB WhatsApp, you can send more MB recordings to a larger number of individuals than standard WhatsApp. 

16. The name of the WhatsApp Group is given to the office to record for a long time. 

17. Unique WhatsApp offers. 

18. Give text style of WhatsApp Custome and highlighting Anti Revoke. 

19. You can use a private key to communicate with your friends. 

20. Like the WhatsApp Business App, it has a Office of Organized Message and Auto Reply.

21. In GB WhatsApp, you get a DNA feature which means Do Not Remove Distriube and besides being very popular, you get many other features in it. 

The most effective way to update WhatsApp 

There are two different ways to update WhatsApp, one is to download the most recent whatsapp from the official whatsapp site and the second is to update old whatsapp using the play store.


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