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Are you Interested to make a website or application via coding or programming? then Python is suitable for you. Many software developers use Python as it is Software friendly and easy to use. 

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Do you hear about Python Programming? If your answer is no then 

In this blog, you are going to know about Python Programming / Python Tutorial.

There are many programming languages like JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, C#, etc. but Python Language is the most popular language till now(as per StackOverflow). So what are you waiting for if you don't Know about Python Language or you are a complete beginner then we are going to tell you.

How to Download and Install Python? ( Install Python )

Well, you have decided to start with python. Nice choice. For that, first of all, you need to install a python interpreter so just search on google ( and there you will get the download option in the navbar after clicking that check the latest version. Download as per your operating system requirement. like if you are in windows go with executable and if you're in Macintosh go with your requirement and so on. 

(*Note: Try to install a lower version of the current one for e.g. if the python version is 3.9 then go with the python version 3.6 although I suggest go with python 3.6  and go to the files section download as per requirement) After that, you need to install it and that's quite easy😍😍. And don't forget to check the "add to path" checkbox.

 congratulation you have completed the first step.

(How to use Python)

Now you probably are a beginner try to learn the basic syntax of python😇😇. I recommend you to get a free video python tutorial from youtube, It will be most helpful for you and one good feature is that you can write python code in terminal/command prompt or say in PowerShell (if you're in windows). for that, you need to open the terminal and just write "python" and press Enter button. you will get something like that |

if you get like this congratulation you can now start with python in your terminal and here you can write your python code and it will execute the python code line by line. But if you don't get like this probably your installation is incorrect try installing again and don't forget to check the "Add to path" option and make everything default. Now we will start our next step so for that first you need to open a web browser then follow the steps!

Before starting the steps let me clear you up the IDE - Integrated Development Environment. It will increase your code writing speed with the help of IntelliSense and it will increase your productivity. Now if you are just a beginner I recommend going with pycharm or you can try some IDE and choose your best. Although I got quite experience in python I prefer to go with visual studio code. you can go with the following links to download pycharm or visual studio code.
pycharm -> download pycharm 
Visual studio code -> vs code ( by searching in google visual studio code download )

Remember to download as per your operating system requirement and after that install, make sure to keep everything default and start your project.

That's it start your development and be a good python programmer
Remember to not quit if you get any error just try again and again!!😇😇😇😇

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  1. Man can you suggest me some good ide for python

  2. Man can you suggest me some good ide

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